Deluxe 2 Bed + 2 Baths Apt. with Roman columns, crown molding, recessed lighting with dimmers, window casings, lighted ceiling fans in every room and 2-tone deisgner paint with chair rails

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Spacious Living room from different angles:

Kitchen includes fridge, stove, microwave & dishwasher:

Large Dining area next to the kitchen:

Entrance to the 1st bedroom and bathroom:

1st. Bathroom and large vanity area outside of it:


The 1st Bedroom and its closet:


Showing the vanity area outside the 1st. bedroom:

Opposite view of the living room leads to 2nd. bedroom:

2nd. Bedroom is mastered and is very large:

Opposite view of it showing its large vanity area & closet:

The bathroom next to the vanity area:

The bathroom has elegant modern tiles:


Entry door is near the master bedroom's door on the other side of the living room:


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